Our Reclaimed Vintage Hardwood

     We love antiques and vintage things, and along with that we love authenticity, and eco-friendly living! These old antique hardwood boards came from wrecked houses in the central Texas areas. Sourced from family, specifically Bobby Morrison, as well as some pieces from Julie Morrison; Rosalyn Brandon's parents. Who are avid antiques, and vintage lovers themselves, and collectors of all things old. 

     The wood consisting of either vintage base boards that are no longer in production, or good old tongue and groove boards that lock together like puzzle pieces make for an interesting statement piece. Either garnished with solid metal handles, or soft rope handles, the wood otherwise virtually left as is; with its roughness, old rusty nails, cracks, and agedness, they really will make a space speak to the 18th century vibes.

     The reclaimed vintage hardwood trays are not food safe. So, no summer sausage or cheese on the wood! One must keep in mind caution with older wood. They have not been sealed, and are strictly decorative statement pieces for the home. Made as well with the 18th and early 19th centuries in mind as well these hardwood trays will hopefully bring you joy in a space you love!