Our 18/19th Century Inspired Burlap Tote Bags


      Not overwhelming on the eyes, and simplistic in style; our burlap tote bags were inspired by largely studies previous eras, like the 18th century, particularly. We have an appreciation for the past, especially lessons learned from it, new ideas and ventures gained from it that has had an impact on today! Which has created our admiration for the generations before us.

     Rosalyn designed the AMGS tote bags to be a useful multipurpose tote bag, but with that historical inspiration guiding the design. The exterior with earthy burlap, interior with a sturdy thick material like duck cloth, or a thick cotton, the straps with a rugged semi soft rope through sturdy antique brass eyelets, and knotted. Over all, giving the aesthetic of these bags a more rugged lived in vibe. Mirroring the 18th century, and early 19th century rural living. Focusing on the rural farm life, and living of those getting by with the labor of their hands.

     In the creation of these, it was desired to give some option that might more satisfy the designated use one may desire for their personal tote bag. Like, interior with a dark brown duck cloth versus a white duck cloth, or with or without lace. (Lace or no lace is simply to cator to a less or more feminine design). Some may prefer the darker interior for more hardy uses, like taking to the farmers market and toting fresh veggies, and canned goods. While a white interior for a more daily use as a purse. Completely optional, and even then its up to the individual! Whatever you desire!

     Hoping to appease and satisfy many of the antiques, and vintage lovers out there, we had you in mind for these handmade tote bags!